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Don't wrap your presents this Christmas....

Dated Posted: 15/10/2013

You know how it is. You’ve found a gorgeous, original, appropriate and not too expensive gift.  You want it to look amazing as you hand it over – after all, how the gift looks on the outside is almost as important as what’s inside. Now the wrapping nightmare begins.  Unless you’re one of those people who can make even the oddest shaped present look stunning when wrapped, without resorting to bulky corner ends and bits of sticky tape stuck everywhere but on the present, we have a sneaky tip for you.  Don’t bother with wrapping paper.  Use a gift box instead; it’s so much easier.  No wrapping involved.  And, better still, no clue as to what’s inside.  So far, so good.  ‘But what about the ribbon and bow?’ I hear you cry. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll soon be wrapping in style.

  • Choose your ribbon carefully and be comfortable with your choice.  It will say so much about you and the gift inside.  Different materials and patterns will suit different occasions and people.  Narrow, wide, grosgrain, saddlestitch, satin, personalised and lace; there are endless choices available.
  • Do you want your ribbon to match the box or clash in an upbeat and on-trend way? Should it be a skinny or luxe, practical or wow ribbon?
  • Decide whether you want your tie to cross the box once (simple tie) or twice (luxurious tie) as you will need to know how much ribbon to cut. 
  • It’s always so annoying when the ribbon is cut too short that you can’t tie a decent bow, or too long and you end up with having to cut the ends off and wasting ribbon.  So, how much ribbon do you actually need? The general rule of thumb is:
  • 5 x width of the box for a single ‘straight across’ tie
  • 8 x width of the box for a luxurious ‘up and over’ tie

Our ‘Simply Fluff’ luxury gift boxes require the following lengths of ribbons:

  • Small box – 0.75cm/38p (single tie); 1.35m/68p (luxurious tie)
  • Medium box – 1.05m/53pm (single tie): 1.6m/80p (luxurious tie)
  • Large box – 1.35m/68p (single tie): 2.10m/£1.05p (luxurious tie)
  • Extra large box – 2m/£1 (single tie): 2.80m/£1.40 (luxurious tie)

Happy wrapping!


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