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About Us

We all love hunting for the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.  Or even presenting them with home-made gifts.  But so often, it’s the wrapping that’s lacking.  Trawling the internet or high street tends to result in a frustrating offering of uninspiring gift wrap, flimsy and lacklustre boxes and overpriced ribbons.  And who can honestly say they have the time and skill to beautifully giftwrap every present? In addition, with the rise of small businesses in the marketplace looking for flexible but beautiful wrapping solutions, there seems to be a real lack of robust but pretty packaging solutions, which can offer choice but without incurring a large minimum order.

So we have designed and created our own range of affordable but high quality packaging that can serve a multitude of needs.  Our ideal was that all of our paper products could be flat-packed and easily stored in the smallest of spaces.  What’s more, it was important to us that every gift could be individual in its presentation.  So we decided on a colour palette, where everything could match or clash, to create a harmonious but individual look, so that no two gifts would look the same.  And because we wanted a quick and easy packaging solution, we decided against anything that involved sticky tape!

Simply Fluff is just that.  The fluff for your gift.  No fuss, no sticky tape, just easy to store boxes, bags and reels and reels of gorgeous eye-watering ribbons and ties.  From presentation boxes for home-made goodies such as jam, cookies and cakes, to easy no-wrap wrapping solutions for more luxurious gifts.  

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